Manuel Robinson was born a cute kid from two parents of Jamaican descent in the month of July 25, 1989 at Orange Memorial hospital in Orange NJ by mom Merille Ricketts and Philip Robinson. His father Philip Robinson came to the United States to pursue his music career which failed to happen but he managed to have a local television show in New Jersey called Reggae Times TV where he interviewed Reggae artists from Jamaica.

Manny was also on a show at the young age of 6 yrs old interviewing artist Damien Marley and Ziggy Marley. Manny started doing music at the age of 13 yrs old after meeting a school friend name Yasiya. We would during every afternoon after school we would go to his house and he would rap to a beat so I would help him come up with lyrics. Ever since then he started to become a rap artist. I have been now looking for a manager and maybe a record deal.

Manny has recorded with producers like Internal Quest After Image Records, Hellboy recently Aswald Samad Cobblestone Records Roc, and Kasim Samad at Madd Bass. This new album music 4 Da Streets is good music that the world can relate to. One thing I could say about this album is that it's not just Hip-Hop it's more of World Music with different genres like Rock, Reggae, R&B. On this album we have hits like Everywhere I Turn Is War....Hypocrite Smile featuring Kolor Don Take Me Away featuring Jasoul... This album is a must get, it's a positive album, it's worth the money, my fans will enjoy, you won't be disappointed.

Peace and be blessed!